How to use color correcting concealers in a right way

We all want a flawless skin but not everyone is blesses  with that flawless and perfect looking  skin. To achieve our goal of perfection we do makeup. Foundation and concealers are two basic yet necessary stuff  in our makeup routine. Although, foundation and concealers do well but if you want perfection then i am gonna tell you how to use color correcting concealer in a right way:

color correcting concealer

What is color correcting:

We can see so many color correcting products in market now a days. Basically, these products are used to correct the color of our skin; discoloration, pigmentation, pimple marks, red patches etc.

color correcting concealer

Color wheel gives you the idea of choosing the right product for your spots or pigmentation. On the color wheel, colors that are opposite of one another cancel each other out. Purple concealer minimizes yellow spots, green minimizes red and oranges minimizes bluish spots like under eye circle.

Therefore, choose the right color for the right result.

How to apply concealer

Concealer is something you really need in you vanity box . It helps in concealing dark circle ,  marks ,redness in your face , dark spots and other problem areas on your face. Concealer just not only conceal but it also highlights. A tiny dot of concealer makes a huge difference in your overall look. It gives you a flawless finish and even skin tone.

How to apply concealer

How to apply concealer :

You might have different problem areas. Therefore,  you need to know different kind of techniques to apply concealer on different areas of your face.

Dark circle:

Dark circle is the most common problem everyone is going through. There are many reasons for dark circle to appear under your eyes, such as; lack of sleep, stress, alcohol, oversleeping or whatever reason it is, it just make your look horrible. Concealer is something which you can use to hide this imperfection and make your look flawless. But, before using a concealer make sure you are choosing a right product and your techniques of using a concealer is right.

concealer texture

Choosing a concealer for dark circle, I prefer using a liquid  concealer. A liquid concealer gives smoother look because it doesn’t have heavy texture. A creamy and heavy concealer can make your under eye area dry and cakey ,it only will make you look older.

How to apply concealer on dark circle:


The best BB Creams for every skin type

Hello everyone! Today I am gonna talk about BB Creams. BB stands for Beauty balm or Blemish balms. You can choose a bb cream as an alternative to foundation but it doesn’t provide you a foundation like coverage . BB Creams have that formula which provide you SPF Protection, hydration and light medium coverage. But, before choosing any BB Cream you need to test a few formulas to find a perfect match for your skin type. Therefore, I would suggest you not to rush, take your time and find a true match for you. Therefore, we’ll talk about the best bb creams for every skin type.

Best BB Creams you must give a try

Pond’s BB Cream: 

Pond’s bb cream is one of my favourite bb creams. Although, you would not find options in shade because it comes in only one shade but still, its light, creamy and water like texture make it worth buying . If you have oily to normal skin then this bb cream could be the best option for you. It has a smooth, creamy texture which blends really well. It has SPF 30. Therefore,it prevents your skin from sun damage at the same time it provides you a better nice coverage than other bb creams.

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the best bb creams

Most beautiful Indian television Brides

Beautiful indian television brides

They are our fashion inspirations, we want to dress like them , we just love to see them.They are our favourite bhabhi , behen , wife and beloved.Yes my pretty ladies! I am talking about our  television actresses who make us happy and sometimes emotional.

Here, I am gonna talk about my favourite television actresses who looked incredibly beautiful in their shows as a bride. You can steal their looks in this wedding season. so, let’s get started !

  • Jennifer Winget :

beautiful indian television brides

No doubt she is the most stunning actress of small screen. We all love her , she is not just a fashionista of small screen but she is an amazing actor as well. Here , she’s wearing a maroon and golden lehenga. If you don’t want to wear too much red then this look could be the best option for you. Wear matching jewelleries and go for airbrush makeup. Choose heavy kohl smokey eye look and Complete it wearing maroon lipstick. I bet you’ll look glamorous and classy at the same time.

Get Ready For Summer

Going for Shopping or movie with friends? I am here to give you the best ideas for getting ready in Summer.

The best trick to get ready in summer is to look fresh, fresh and fresh.I am sure you must not be wishing your heavy eyeliner to make your eye area look like  somebody punched you hard or your foundation and concealer look cakey and make your complete look like a nightmare. So, I am gonna share some tricks that will help you to keep your look simple,minimal and fresh.

Steal the look

  • We all love Selena Gomez. And she is looking stunning here.This is the perfect look you can choose for outing with friends or for shopping. A Polka dot white top and black shorts will make your look simple yet trendy. Wear flats and right accessories. Here, pink scarf completes her look.

Striped dresses are in trend now.It will make your look young and fresh instantly.These days it’s more fashion forward to pair flat footwear with dresses.It’s refreshing as well as comfortable.

  • Dungarees are another thing you can invest in. 90s styles are back! The best thing about dungarees that you don’t need to wear lots of accessories with them. Wear any crop top or simple shirt underneath.Make a high pony tail  or else a bun. Complete this look with strappy heels or sneakers.