The best BB Creams for every skin type

Hello everyone! Today I am gonna talk about BB Creams. BB stands for Beauty balm or Blemish balms. You can choose a bb cream as an alternative to foundation but it doesn’t provide you a foundation like coverage . BB Creams have that formula which provide you SPF Protection, hydration and light medium coverage. But, before choosing any BB Cream you need to test a few formulas to find a perfect match for your skin type. Therefore, I would suggest you not to rush, take your time and find a true match for you. Therefore, we’ll talk about the best bb creams for every skin type.

Best BB Creams you must give a try

Pond’s BB Cream: 

Pond’s bb cream is one of my favourite bb creams. Although, you would not find options in shade because it comes in only one shade but still, its light, creamy and water like texture make it worth buying . If you have oily to normal skin then this bb cream could be the best option for you. It has a smooth, creamy texture which blends really well. It has SPF 30. Therefore,it prevents your skin from sun damage at the same time it provides you a better nice coverage than other bb creams.

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the best bb creams

Garnier BB Cream:

Garnier bb cream is the second best bb cream I’ve tried. It doesn’t provide much coverage as the pond’s bb cream but if you have dry to normal skin then you must go for Garnier bb cream. It blends very well and gives semi matte finish. The consistency is creamy and moisturizing . It has SPF 24 . Therefore, if you have tried pond’s bb cream before and liked it then you’ll like this as well. If you have normal skin then you can use compact over the application because it might make your skin oily after 2-3 hours of application.

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the best bb creams

Colorbar perfect match BB Cream:

Colorbar bb cream is amazing for oily skin. It has a creamy and smooth texture and gives semi matte finish. It has SPF 20 and is available in three shades. It has a light sheer coverage and does not cover under eye circle and acne. Therefore, people having oily skin must give a try on the other hand if you have dry skin then use a moisturizer before the application.


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the best bb creams

Oriflame skin dream bb Cream:

Another very good bb cream you should try. It comes with high SPF 30 which is really good for everyday wearing. It is good for dry skin because it prevents you from that chalky look and hydrate your skin very well. The coverage is light to medium which does not cover pimple marks or dark circles but it evens out the skin tone instantly. Staying power is good but if you have oily skin then it could not be a very good option for you.

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the best bb creams

The body shop all in one BB Cream:

It might seem little expensive but the formula of this bb cream makes it worth buying. This bb cream provides a brightening effect and does not dry on skin. it provides pretty good coverage and hides dark circle and blemishes. It contains tea tree which is really good for acne prone and oily skin. Staying power could me 6-7 hours.


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