How to apply concealer

Concealer is something you really need in you vanity box . It helps in concealing dark circle ,  marks ,redness in your face , dark spots and other problem areas on your face. Concealer just not only conceal but it also highlights. A tiny dot of concealer makes a huge difference in your overall look. It gives you a flawless finish and even skin tone.

How to apply concealer

How to apply concealer :

You might have different problem areas. Therefore,  you need to know different kind of techniques to apply concealer on different areas of your face.

Dark circle:

Dark circle is the most common problem everyone is going through. There are many reasons for dark circle to appear under your eyes, such as; lack of sleep, stress, alcohol, oversleeping or whatever reason it is, it just make your look horrible. Concealer is something which you can use to hide this imperfection and make your look flawless. But, before using a concealer make sure you are choosing a right product and your techniques of using a concealer is right.

concealer texture

Choosing a concealer for dark circle, I prefer using a liquid  concealer. A liquid concealer gives smoother look because it doesn’t have heavy texture. A creamy and heavy concealer can make your under eye area dry and cakey ,it only will make you look older.

How to apply concealer on dark circle:


How to apply concealer

The best technique to apply a concealer under your eyes is to apply it in V shape. Fill this V shape area with your concealer. To blend it you can use your finger or a blending brush,  whatever you are in comfortable with. Make sure you don’t rub your concealer just use your finger or brush to tap in the concealer till it blends perfectly. Apply a translucent powder to set your concealer.

If you have horrible dark circle and the above concealer technique could not conceal it properly, then use the steps given below:

  • Take a concealer which is darker than your skin tone and apply it on your dark circle  Or  take a color corrector which is orange or peach in shade and apply it on your under eye area. Make sure you don’t apply too much of  color corrector because it is just a corrector not a concealer. Tap your finger till it blends.
  • Apply your foundation and make sure you don’t rub the area where you just applied concealer.
  • Take a concealer which is one or two shade lighter than your skin tone and apply it on your under eye area.
  • Apply a translucent powder to set everything.

How to apply concealer on Pimple and marks:

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How to apply concealer


Another common skin problem is acne or pimple. Pimples doesn’t only hurt when they appear on our face but they leaves their marks on our face which is more heart breaking. It makes our skin uneven.

If you are choosing a concealer for pimple and dark spots then it’s better to choose a cream concealer because these concealers are heavy and thick. Therefore, they conceal acne and spots correctly and give a better coverage

To apply concealer over acne or blemishes put a tiny dot of concealer over your acne and marks and tap it with your finger and don’t rub it.

Set it with translucent powder.

When should you apply concealer:

For a better coverage you should apply concealer after your foundation. You can also apply it before foundation but once you have applied foundation it gives you an idea about the problem areas, where you need to correct and conceal otherwise you end up applying more quantity of your product and you get nothing but a patchy looking face.

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