How to use color correcting concealers in a right way

We all want a flawless skin but not everyone is blesses  with that flawless and perfect looking  skin. To achieve our goal of perfection we do makeup. Foundation and concealers are two basic yet necessary stuff  in our makeup routine. Although, foundation and concealers do well but if you want perfection then i am gonna tell you how to use color correcting concealer in a right way:

color correcting concealer

What is color correcting:

We can see so many color correcting products in market now a days. Basically, these products are used to correct the color of our skin; discoloration, pigmentation, pimple marks, red patches etc.

color correcting concealer

Color wheel gives you the idea of choosing the right product for your spots or pigmentation. On the color wheel, colors that are opposite of one another cancel each other out. Purple concealer minimizes yellow spots, green minimizes red and oranges minimizes bluish spots like under eye circle.

Therefore, choose the right color for the right result.

Orange or peach concealer:

If you have dark circle then use orange or peach concealer. But, keep in mind that less is more. Don’t over apply the product. Remember,  few dots are enough. Don’t swipe, just pat the coverage into the skin. If you have fair skin then use peach shade and people with darker skin tone  should use orange.

Green concealer:

If you have breakouts and pimple marks then use green concealer to conceal that area. Green concealer helps to conceal redness, dark spots, uneven skin tone and it brightens the complexion.

Yellow concealer:

Yellow concealer is used to conceal any blemishes that are blue or purple in color. It hides Veins, bruises and under eye circle.

Purple concealer:

Purple concealer is used to conceal hyperpigmentation and it brightens up the dull skin. It also hides blemishes that are yellow in tone.

How to use color correcting concealers:

  • Apply your primer
  • Use orange concealer to hide dark circle , green for acne and acne spots and purple for pigmentation.
  • Apply a thin layer and don’t swipe your brush or finger.
  • Now, apply your foundation with brush or beauty blender.
  • Apply concealer
  • Set everything with translucent powder.

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