Post breakup transformation

post breakup transformationSo, recently you have been through a terrible breakup and you have forgot yourself. It’s been 2-3 months and you are still crying, missing the stuff you used to do together. That’s fine! Don’t force yourself to forget anything or to remind again and again that you are strong and you should be happy. Just don’t! You are strong, no doubt but can’t strong people cry? don’t they have emotions? Definitely they do! hmmmmmm now what? let you feel whatever you are feeling, cry as much as you want but don’t let it ruin you. Remember, life doesn’t end here. These things make you stronger and gives you the strength to face bigger challenges in life. So, get up and find yourself again. Do the things you always wanted to do but haven’t Β yet. Say no to endless nights of sobbing into your pillow. Again don’t force yourself instead do something that can keep you busy and distracted.

Trust me or not but the best way to take revenge is to move on silently and make yourself better than before. Don’t regret but make them regret leaving you by making yourself better. Here, I am gonna talk about post breakup transformation that would make you look Revenge Hot!

  • Join a gym class:

Don’t compromise with your health by falling into the unhealthy post-breakup trap for comfort. It will make things worse only. Join a gym or any fitness class. It will not only keep you in shape but you will meet new people that will distract you from your sadness and trust me it will make you even more happy when you will feel beautiful about your body looking into the mirror.

post breakup transformation

    • New hairstyle:

It’s time to transform your look with a new hairstyle. Bored with long hair? or your ex loved your long hair but you wanted to try a new hairstyle for so long? It’s time to give it a try. Go for some crazy haircut, color your hair and feel fresh.

post breakup transformation

  • Get a tattoo:

Tattooing his name on your body is an old idea,trust me! Go for some crazy tattoo ideas. Isn’t it a good idea to get an inspirational Β quote as a tattoo? It not only will make your look cool but it also will give you the strength everyday.

post breakup transformation

  • Partying:

Go and party as single, meet new man-candy. Have a crush on someone but remember, don’t make it serious because you are not ready to jump into a new relationship. Buy you new clothes, take yourself out to eat, wear your favourite red lipstick and look Revenge hot!

Eventually, you will start enjoying your new life which is all yours! You don’t have to please anybody. It’s your life, you are the hero of your story, love yourself , respect yourself and don’t wait for anyone to make it better.


All the best!

post breakup transformation

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